Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Training Seminars

Training Offerings

Selph Secured, LLC offers the following training seminars:

  • Electronic data evidence forensic acquisitions
  • Personal/private level computer and network security
  • Computer use and management
  • Basic network use and management

Electronic Data Evidence Forensic Acquisitions  

Selph Secured, LLC offers a special invitation to attend an interesting and informative 4 day Computer Forensic First Responder seminar. The topics addressed and the skills taught are essential for the successful completion of gathering electronic data evidence. The procedures taught within this seminar will enable responders to approach and efficiently manage cases involving electronic data evidence. The results that will be obtained, through following the procedures taught, will yield the evidence gathered as valid and authorized for presentation within a court of law.  The seminar is written in a manner intended to be participant friendly, even if the level of technical skills and experience currently possessed are basic. In an effort to effectively address the massive amounts of electronic data evidence our societies are facing today, this seminar also promotes a divide and conquer approach toward the forensic standards that must be applied to each case.

Seminar Goals

  • To offer instruction on how to complete a forensically sound and acceptable acquisition of electronic data evidence and to develop the skills required to do so in order for the acquired evidence to be authorized and accepted in a court of law 
  • To promote a divide and conquer approach, in order to efficiently address the massive amount of electronic data evidence society faces today. 

Seminar Topics

  • Computer Forensics Overview
  • Justice System and Evidence
  • Technical IT Discussion
  • First Responder Preparations
  • Forensic Hardware & Software
  • Tools Initial Preparation Process
  • Electronic Data Evidence
  • Evidence Management
  • Static Forensic Imaging
  • Live Forensic Imaging
  • Forensic Acquisition Report
  • Court Testimony Preparation 

Course Author and Instructor Credentials

  •  About 8 years professional computer forensics experience
  • Over 2 years professional incident response forensic analyst experience
  • Over 4 years professional information technology technician and support               experience
  • About 14 years certified professional law enforcement experience
  • Education:

- Information Technology Bachelor of Science degree

- Applied Police Science – Police Forensics Bachelor of Science degree

- Criminal Justice Associate of Science degree

- General Studies Associate of Science degree

  • Professional Certifications:

- 3 computer and mobile device forensic certifications

- 6 information technology technician certifications

  • About 5 years instructing experience 

For seminar dates, locations, and registration fee information, please feel free to use the following e-mail:

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Selph Secured, LLC provides a certificate of completion for successfully completing seminar labs and active participation during instruction periods.

“Remember to check with your agency, to determine if this seminar is authorized for CECs.”

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