Mission Statement

To value the client's electronic data and physical equipment in a manner as if it were our own while protecting it from theft, loss, damage, alteration, and or corruption

To provide services in a manner that exceeds the industry's and the client's expectations while also producing desired and effective results

Why Selph Secured, LLC

Selph Secured, LLC (SSLLC) possesses many years of preparation, training, and real life experience.  SSLLC personnel are certified with many of the industry's frequently sought after certifications.  Educational background spans many years of learning and applying information technology skills and abilities that are above the industry standards and accepted manners of operations.  The owner is a determined and devoted individual who comes from a long and strong entrepreneurial heritage.  He is passionate about the Information Technology field and he desires to provide nothing less than what would be deemed the best in the field.


To maintain continued education and training, in order to increase in knowledge and abilities so that the organization will continue to be a valuable asset for the client

The services provided will maintain efficient, professional, and honorable practices and standards in order to provide the client with nothing less than what would be expected by the owner if he himself were a client.

Daily Goal

To communicate with and serve clients in a manner that will develop and cultivate a meaningful and productive professional relationship for many years to come

Primary Goal

To maintain a positive and productive business relationship with clients while also making a valuable and effective impact upon the field of Information Technology

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