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Information technology is our past, current, and will continue to be our future. Selph Secured, LLC offers four main areas of service customers will benefit from, depending on the type of specialized information technology services needs they have. The areas of services provided are as follows:

  • Forensic Electronic Data Investigations
  • Computer and Network Support and Repair
  • Training
Each area of service provides the same professional, thorough, and efficient results that would be expected if the owner himself was a client requesting assistance.

Information Technology Services Offered

  • Computer and mobile device (cellular telephones, tablets, iPads, etc…) electronic data forensic evidence collections, analysis, examinations, and investigations
  • Clarification review of technical and or computer forensic examination reports
  • Computer, network, and or mobile electronic device security triage and consulting
  • Computer and network support and repair
  • Electronic data recovery
  • Computer, network, and software use training seminars
  • Computer and or mobile device electronic data forensic evidence collection training seminars

Why There is and will be a Need

 Society is inundated with technology and electronic data. It is virtually impossible to go anywhere without interacting with or observing technology in some form or another.  Along with all of the good technology brings us, there is also a high potential to be negatively affected and even victimized by technology being used in a malicious and even sometimes unintentional damaging manner.  Hence, the reason why along with technology comes the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding how we as a society and individuals are affected by it.  Whether one simply has a need to restore a much needed deleted file(s), recover from an unintentional or malicious electronic data loss, or discovered he or she has become a victim of a crime, you can pretty much bank on the fact that there is a high potential electronic data can be restored and that significant electronic evidence is available to be gathered when needed for criminal and or civil cases.  There is a vast amount of electronic data and equipment throughout the United States alone, not to mention the world.  Information technology service needs and specialized responses require trained and knowledgeable experts when correct measures need to be taken and desired results achieved.  From securing our computers, networks, and mobile electronic devices to using them for communication and many other needs, it is clear there is and will continue to be a need for the services being offered by Selph Secured, LLC.

Examples of Why the Need

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